“On our first engine with the REVOLUBE refiners, we’ve had over a year with no engine stoppage. It’s been outstanding. And the harmonics of the engine have gotten smoother, and it runs better. It’s just been a big improvement.”

A Louisiana Energy Company

“I recommend your refiner system on engines of 100 HP and above to help increase and prolong oil life between changes and to help reduce engine downtime. Putting REVOLUBE on
your engine leads to longer and more running time between maintenance schedules.”

A Louisiana Energy Company

Introducing REVOLUBE, a patent-pending, oil refining technology that adds life to your engine and your oil, while reducing critical downtime… and with NO initial capital costs.

Field results show that REVOLUBE saves operators money through a significant reduction in the costs caused by routine oil changes, equipment breakdowns, waste oil haul off and lost production time due to shutdowns. It’s like giving your engine SEVEN oil changes an hour with NO downtime.

Ongoing field use proves that REVOLUBE reduces critical downtime by over 70%.