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REVOLUBE is a complete oil refinement system. Our mission is to improve and extend the life of our customers’ oil and engines.

Ongoing Field Results show that REVOLUBE :

  • Reduces critical downtime by over 70%
  • Requires NO initial capital costs
  • Averages SEVEN complete on-line oil changes an hour.
  • Removes contaminants down to 1 micron, 3 absolute.
  • Eliminates water and particle contamination.
  • Greatly decreases engine and component wear.
  • Extends engine and oil life.
  • Reduces the costs of waste oil disposal related to routine oil changes.

REVOLUBE Systems, LLC leases REVOLUBE, a patent pending, continuous flow oil refining system.

REVOLUBE is a bypass system that passes only a small portion of the total oil flow through its system at a continuous flow rate of 2-3 quarts per minute.

At this time, REVOLUBE Systems, LLC markets exclusively to the oil and gas industry and is field proven in land, inland waters and offshore artificial lift applications. REVOLUBE provides custom builds for larger applications…and with NO initial capital costs.

REVOLUBE’s customers contract with third party labs for regular oil analysis. These labs are independent in order to provide rigorous engine oil analysis. Generally, oil analysis is conducted every 16-20 days or 300-500 hours or whenever routine oil changes are typically required. The oil is changed only if lab reports indicate that it is needed. Third party lab analysis of REVOLUBE’s field results show that the system works: our customers’ engine oil is not wearing out and is as clean as when it was first placed in the engine.

REVOLUBE Systems, LLC is based in Lafayette, Louisiana. All administrative functions, sales and marketing activities are conducted from this location.

“REVOLUBE refiners have reduced our maintenance time and logistics. Anytime you don’t have to handle something, it saves you money. And the less oil we have to bring out there and bring back into the dock… that saves us money too.”

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