REVOLUBE: Helps Operators Increase Well Profitability and Meet Regulatory Standards… while Extending Engine Life and Reducing Downtime by over 70%… and with NO Initial Capital Costs.

Oil & Gas
Diesel & Natural Gas Engines

REVOLUBE markets exclusively to the oil and gas industry and is field proven in both inland and offshore production. REVOLUBE provides custom builds for larger applications. Our mission is to improve and extend the life of our customers’ oil and engines while reducing critical downtime.

Whether land-based or water-based, well production is regularly stopped by routine oil changes and engine breakdowns. Operating in extreme conditions increases engine wear-and-tear and puts added stress on machinery. Operators know that equipment downtime increases their costs and reduces their well’s profitability.

REVOLUBE’s patent-pending, oil refining system saves operators money through a reduction in the costs associated with routine oil changes, equipment breakdowns, and lost production time. Our continuous flow system gives you the equivalent of SEVEN oil changes an hour, removing dirt, soot, carbon, water, and other contaminants before they can damage your equipment.

Contact us to find out how REVOLUBE can benefit your field operations by reducing downtime and improving your profitability.

“By installing the REVOLUBE oil refiner, we have reduced our annual downtime in our engines from 30% to less than 8% — that’s a reduction in downtime of over 70%. Our very first engine went for over a year – more than 10,000 hours – without an oil change and we found it ran well and consumed less oil. By reducing routine oil changes, REVOLUBE is helping us increase production time.”

A Louisiana Energy Company

“Based on the performance of the REVOLUBE refiner, I’ve put it on a majority of my bigger units… and most of those are on water.”

A Louisiana Energy Company