The Benefits of Using REVOLUBE Systems for Operations

Maintenance is one of the largest controllable expenses in operations. According to SAE, as many as 80% of all machine failures are related to engine oil contamination. The solution is to remove contamination from your oil before it can damage your engine.

REVOLUBE’s patent-pending, oil refining system can save you money through an instant reduction in the costs associated with routine oil changes, equipment breakdowns, and lost production time.

Our continuous flow system gives you the equivalent of SEVEN oil changes an hour, removing dirt, soot, carbon, water, and other impurities before they can damage your equipment.

Short Term Benefits
  • Reduces downtime by OVER 70%
  • Provides you with the equivalent of SEVEN on-line oil changes an HOUR
  • Reduces equipment maintenance
  • Reduces new oil purchases
  • Extends oil drain intervals
  • Reduces downtime due to routine oil changes
  • Minimal training required for operation
  • Customized for your specific operational needs
  • NO shutdown required for component changes
  • NO initial capital costs
Long Term Benefits
  • Eliminates contamination in your oil down to 1 micron – up to a 96% improvement over factory filters
  • Refines and improves the oil – independent lab tests verify oil refined through the REVOLUBE System is as clean as the day it went into the engine.
  • Reduces operational costs
  • Extends component life
  • Extends depreciation costs
  • Lowers the cost of waste oil disposal
  • Removes up to 99.9% of all water from your oil
  • Increases lubricity
  • Decreases sludge and varnish deposits
  • Extends oil life
  • Extends filter life
  • Extends engine life by reducing engine wear
  • Reduces downtime and repair costs due to equipment failure
  • Reduces environmental impact
  • Does NOT impact any existing warranties
  • Does NOT remove additives from your engine oil
The company was changing oil as often as it could (every 300-400 hours) and still could not keep ahead of the contamination. This is what the oil looked like under a microscope after only two weeks of use.
To make matters worse, it turns out that new engine oil is NOT clean oil. When tested by an independent lab the new oil looked like this.
The engine oil here has been monitored weekly. It has been in constant use for several months and is being continuously refined by a REVOLUBE unit attached to the engine. Independent lab tests show that it is more refined than new oil.