Our Process

REVOLUBE’s customized, continuous flow refining system removes soot, carbon, dirt, water, and other contamination from engine oil… adding life to your engine and your oil, while reducing critical downtime… and with NO initial capital costs.

Here’s how it works:

Oil contaminated with carbon, water and other impurities is pulled from the engine and into the REVOLUBE oil refiner where it is cleaned and purified. Then, the refined oil streams back through the engine system in a continuous flow.

Independent lab tests show even after thousands of hours of use…oil refined though the REVOLUBE system is as clean as the day it went into the engine. It eliminates contamination in your oil down to ONE MICRON or below – up to a 96% improvement over factory filters.

“The REVOLUBE refiners are helping us with Quad Z. Our oil is always clean. A lot of times we are changing filters and the oil samples show that we do not have to change the oil because the oil is still clean.”

A Louisiana Energy Company

“Our mechanics report that the oil taken out of an engine looks better than the oil removed from an engine without a REVOLUBE oil refiner and our analytical tests confirm it.”

A Louisiana Energy Company
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